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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Isn't it ironical that a prominent actor was sentenced to one year jail for killing a black buck deer in one of his hunting spree, while the main accused who killed a female model in cold blood in broad daylight with over a hundred witnesses was acquitted. Not that I don't condone the reckless poaching of wild animals, but such is the state of affairs; that sometimes I feel that an animals life has more value than a human life. Is it because we have more humans in this world, five billion and growing, than animals ?


  • May be...

    By Blogger Vanathi, at 10:07 AM, February 23, 2006  

  • Hmmm....
    Seeing the all scenario i feel that animal's life is more important than human's life.....
    There were almost 600 witnesses still the accused was released....
    Do you know even the judge of that case felt
    that the accused was the accused and he was been saved by the law itself....
    Wow!! what a jurisdiction???
    An animal got the justice but not a human...
    This is a loss of humanity....

    By Blogger Neetika, at 2:25 PM, February 23, 2006  

  • hmm.. yeah this is a sad state of affairs.. acquitting a criminal on the face of legal confusion is nothing new.. and really nothing can be done in our country unless our govt is active enough to rectify loopholes in our law..

    By Blogger Kishley, at 6:46 PM, February 23, 2006  

  • true... its really sad state of affairs in the country.... were some criminals are free while some pay the price. Due to contacts one goes scot free for a human murder... while other is facing hard times n is sentances for animal killing... really its as though human life has got no value... while animals are endangered.... god save the ppl out here...
    GBU n TC

    By Blogger Manish, at 9:03 PM, February 23, 2006  

  • no words.....

    By Anonymous Ekta, at 11:13 AM, February 24, 2006  

  • What a comparion, my dear friend. Wish I had thought of that one. I thought that there is such a hullaballoo ever Salman when Actor Raj Kumar's son and a Delhi multimillionaire's son mauled several human beings under their car and got scot free. Jesicca's case is really sad but what can the judge do if the witness turns hostile?

    By Anonymous Hiren, at 6:16 PM, February 24, 2006  

  • On a lighter note .... Wish i can be re-incarnated as pet( precondition being to owner should be multi-millionaire ) in next birth.

    _T@nny :-))

    By Anonymous Tanny, at 3:02 PM, February 25, 2006  

  • Pointed out very nicely! unfortunately if the jessica lall case did have a verdict much before it would have been more just.. There's a good bit of news of request of a fresh just trial! Ndtv's taking the initiative just sms "jessica" to 6388 to support the same. :)

    By Blogger Prmod Bafna, at 4:52 PM, February 25, 2006  

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