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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Calvin And Valentine

*(Just imagine the sunny field to be love OK .. imagination is the key here)

Its Valentine Day ! Its the day that brings joys to many people's hearts (including me !). No poems from me (poems are out of my league) only this misplaced Calvin strip that brings out the gist of love (*)

Riches, power, glamour, glory,
You may yearn in vain for all,
Alas but these fails to satisfy the soul,
If you do not have true love to share it all !

Oops .. Have I penned a poem finally? I have! A worthy start, albeit a bad one !

Anyway for those who didn't understand the poem, the feeling it conveys is what Tom Cruise felt in the movie "Jerry McGuire" after a string of successful ventures, "I had so much to say but no one to listen"



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