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Saturday, March 04, 2006

~Me n Dad~

Happened to to check out some father centric cards when I went to a local gift store today. Daddy's (Father's) Day has whizzes past every year, and I as usual remain stone faced about it. Obviously you don't need one special day to cozy up with your Dad, but occasions like these remind you of all the days you didn't do the same. There was a time when Dad was the centre of all my activities, today unfortunately its the other way around. Yeah its sad but true, even Dads grow old. He's retired and sits at home watching news on the idiot box, catching the stock market trends, dabbling minor amounts in small penny stocks. He's been leading quite a lonely life ever since mom expired.

I don't remember Dad coming home late from office, and even if he did due to some traffic hassles or bus breakdown, I would be pacing around the terrace waiting for him. The moment he got in I would pounce on him, boring him with those fascinating school stories. The scene these days is quite the opposite. "Dad, me am gonna be late today", I chirp on phone almost every evening. He takes it in his stride with equanimity.

I feel guilty now of not cutting some time off my "tea breaks" to get home a little early. Well, I guess I need to change for the better. Though Dad you don't now what blogs are all about, leave aside reading mine, you know I love you :)

Hope to spend more time with you, catching up on lost moments ....


  • the parent-child's bond is unbreakable..
    as the saying goes..

    im extremely close to my mom..
    she will be the first person i share the 'school stories'..

    hope i can keep it this way despite the generation gap..

    cyber.. this gap will widen when one grows older, wont it?

    By Blogger ada, at 7:48 PM, March 04, 2006  

  • @ada
    not necessarily, the biggest problem is time, just don't get enough of it with the advent of modern day work schedules :(

    By Blogger CyberMenace, at 8:51 PM, March 04, 2006  

  • oh..i see, as in the quality time spent with one another, right?

    By Blogger ada, at 3:39 PM, March 05, 2006  

  • a great russian director called tarkovsky once said:
    "The one important thing is to find time within time... It is extremly difficult, but it has to be done."
    how true.
    hope u get "time within time" to spend with your dad.

    By Blogger illusion, at 12:06 AM, March 06, 2006  

  • Oh
    Emotional post
    Am i day dreaming, you have written this
    I really don't have words to comment on this
    Actually i don't want to let myself cry as all my memories started flowing into my heart
    take care

    By Blogger Neetika, at 10:33 AM, March 07, 2006  

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