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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Everybody's Changing

The morning bus ride to my office is probably the only time I get for myself. Just me and my thoughts. As the city fades away, my eyes feast on the myriad hues of greens and yellows of virgin farmland. Clean and pure. As the bus goes about its mindless rush, tearing through the hinterland, my abstract cerebrations too gather momentum. Chaotic, fragmented and tempestuous. That probably describes aptly the threads of thought in my mind. It meanders through the innocence of childhood days, the growing up pangs of school days, the lessons learnt the hard way in college days, and the youthful zest of days of my first job. I am reminded of friends of past and present. A few who brightened up those days long gone by, never to be heard from again, and the few who have bonded with me for a lifetime.

Then suddenly, I am reminded that I must be listening to the song playing on my MP3 player. I missed the opening lines of the song in my reverie. Skip back. Play. I am wandering once again..
Today's song I was trying to concentrate on was by Keane:

"Everybody's Changing"

You say you wander your own land
But when I think about it
I don't see how you can
You're aching, you're breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
Says everybody's changing
And I don't know why
You're gone from here
And soon you will disappear
Cause everybody's changing
And I don't feel right

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same


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