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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beautiful Eyes

Blog surfing led me to this blog by Lady called ancient worlds. As usual it set my mind whirring and reminded me of a short science fiction story by Asimov.

It dwells on a distant future eons away where present day humans have evolved to the extent that they have shed their mortal bodies and have this immortal ethereal form that wanders in the infinities of the universe. Two of these energy beings meet one day and try to remember the body they once had. All happiness and joy of the humans in their new found form could not redress their melancholy for the bodies that they once possessed. They reminisce of a human body that loved long time back, a human body that felt warm and felt loved, and the human eyes that once shed tears ...

What are we without this fragile bodies we have? We take it for granted, complain, and remain thankless to the Maker who made it in all its beauty.

Yes eyes do more than see ...


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