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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Alternate Professions

On days like today, when I get extremely world-weary I think of alternate professions that would give me the independence and adventure I always look for. Here is a glimpse of what I could be.

Wildlife Photographer
This is a cool one. Me going on an African safari to Kalahari or Serengeti. I am lying in wait at the water hole for the right moment. Waiting for the predators and the prey. Click. I just captured a pack of Hyena ambushing a deer. National Geographic is gonna pay though their nose for this captured moment. Oh no, the bisons are charging towards me ....run get outta here ..run.

Sitting at my home, writing. Going places, reporting. Carrying a pin hole camera embedded in my pen for a sting operation, catching the corrupt in the act. The newspapers and TV channels blare aloud about the exposé. I am a national hero. The CBI starts raids at my office and home. Me am sitting in jail for a transgression I haven't committed. I am happy for if I was out, I'll probably end up with a bullet in my head. Yiikes.

Adventure beckons! I jump out of a plane at an altitude of 8000 feet. I am flying with the wind on my face. The landscape below looks awesome. I am falling, falling endlessly. Oops, the parachute fails to open. The landscape looks menacing now. Thud! I am riding a cloud wearing white robes, I have grown wings and have a halo as a fashion accessory. I am playing a mandolin.

The past enchants me. I bring alive the secrets of the past. I have chanced upon an ancient civilization deep in the jungles of Amazon. The treasures that lie in the hidden crypts fascinate me. The maze leads me deeper towards my goal. Oops, I think I lost my way. That explains the not-so-old skeletons out here. The torch I carry fades. Darkness. Err ... hello. (echoes back)

IT professional
I am back doing the work I hate to do. The hum of the AC is reassuring though. My manager is not that bad either. I can blog, be all that I want to be in the virtual world. There is no adventure, but there are no uncertainties either. The job also entails living on the edge. Who knows when earthquakes strike! I am loving it.



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