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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Greener Pastures ?

Last Friday my cousin bro from NY touched down in Delhi for a short visit. I happened to spend a weekend with him last year, as I had gone on an official trip to the US of A. Unravelled the streets of Manhattan with him, 25th street to 'god-knows-how-many" streets, took a peek at the Zombie Of Liberty and Times Square. Later back at his place we discussed India vis-à-vis Uncle Sam. My cousin with a smirk on his face quipped , "See what u've been missin here! Come on now, leave your patriotic fervor aside, pack your bags and settle here in the land of Opp". "Oh yeah", I retorted back, "Come to Delhi someday and see the progress we've made !".
Cut back to the present, he's on the front seat with me and hanging on to his dear life, while I honk and wiz past the maddening rush. I maneuver the sea of humanity on the roads, besides the mongrels and the cattle, all the while showing him the new flyovers, the wide roads and the Metro being constructed. We reach home in 45 mins and as I pull his baggage out, with a heart welling with pride I ask, "So, what do you think of Delhi. Cool place naa, what ya think ?". He replies rather nonchalantly, "The roads are wide n there is some greenery. But the mad rush is still the same. The dogs, cattle and rickshaws still rule the roost. There are so many people out here man, I feel claustrophobic". As always he ended with, "No life here man. Pack your bags and settle in the land of Opp".

I have started enquiring about the procedure to immigrate to the states. Heard that it takes quite a while to get there once you've applied (5 - 8 years). Hey, it takes 5 mins to activate your new cellphone out here! Where's the difference then ?


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