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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dedicated to Man's best friend !

Yes the picture you see is of a blind doggy. Unbelievable right? I couldn't too because this four legged guy goes around pretty much by the sense of smell and hearing. Around the house he knows his way and doesn't crash into things that gets in his way. A few days back something happened to this guy that was really heart wrenching. He strolled of to the fields nearby and apparently started chasing a crow given its hoarse cat-(crow)-calls. Went a little out of the way and couldn't find the way back home. A kind neighbor spotted him wandering around and brought him back. When he realized that he was back in his known surroundings he jumped around and lapped up all of us in sheer joy, unmindful of the fact that his moist snoot had gone bloody and muddy in search of the way back home. Posted by Picasa


  • hugssssss to the fella.. take care of him - i got two of the kind at home, the names are nonie and faith... mother and daughter.. nonie has been with me for about 18 years and is very very old now.. daughter faith was born with a kidney defect and needs special care all d time, but still when i see th elight in her eyes when i walk in.. its more than enough.. :) wish i cud have them here in dubai with me, but am going back home to them sooner.... cheerss...

    By Anonymous Dreams, at 1:43 PM, December 22, 2005  

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