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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My first post !

I want to name this blog "Memoirs of a Natural Born Loser". I shy away from it just because it will just depress me further. Why did I want to do that? Here goes:
1. I tried to create a blogger login from my office, no success. Guess what you can blog around if you already have an blogger ID. People access all sites with wanton abandon. But just because I want to create a new account the "registration" site is blocked by the dumb witted IT deptt.
2. So here I am writting this blog from the cramped up confines of a cyber cafe.
3. This is the third time I am writting this because the net just got disconnected 2 times in a row. It has never happened before they say, but I know better. I guess its because I am around.

I want to write more but I guess before the thunder hits this system I should post n publish this part ASAP. Hope I can continue blogging from my office tomorrow or this is gonna be yet another failed venture.

PS: hmmm...nothing..


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