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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Passing time and thought ...

I am back again. Though my company's IT policy gives me the jeepers, I am getting so bored out here that I need to vent my frustration writting something. What did I do today? For starters I attended a boring meeting that discussed the progress of our project.

Progress: Oh well it all about moving the ball from your court to the opponents field. At the end of the day you should never leave the ball in your court, which means do whatever or nothing but dont give management a chance to throw muck at you that STICKS !After that I have been reading other people's blogs, surfing the net, yaawwwn.....and off course writting it all down right here.I am amazed by the tenacity of this MNC I am working for. People can spend time doing nothing for 6 months and yet never pulled up. Jeez govt jobs might offer more, at least you can sleep under a tree after lunch.
Someday I might look back at this particular entry and say to myself ... those were the days when I was free, wish those days were back! Looking forward to such delusions :-)
Note to myself: Find another job. Posted by Picasa


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