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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Long distances in a small world

They say the world is getting smaller. I beg to differ. Here's the story that shaped my opinion:

We have two smart asses in our office, I call them WiseGuy and SmartChap. Now SmartChap and WiseGuy share their office cubicle. Without elaborating on the structural design of the pigeon holes we call cubicles in s/w firms, let me assure you that they sit so close together that its difficult to say from a distance (of say 10 mtrs) that they are two individuals. I'd rather not comment on the relationship they share, coz I really don't know. Coming back to the story, it so happened yesterday that WiseGuy needed a particular s/w file for his work. Off he shoots an e-mail to his colleagues working on the other side of the globe. They in turn zealously forward the message to all sites worldwide. The Olympic torch relay going around the world shrinks in comparison to the mammoth efforts put to use here. Now SmartChap receives this mail and sends back the required file to whosever's mail that hit his mailbox. This file then meanders its way, through all the agents and sub agents in between to the originator i.e. WiseGuy. Deed done, happy days are back again !!The irony in the entire episode is that WiseGuy still has no clue that SmartChap sitting right next to him was instrumental in calling off a WWW search for the elusive file that way residing in a dingy corner of SmartChap's disk. End of the story ....

Afterthought:Some learned men are of the opinion that the universe is expanding. Cheers to them ! Posted by Picasa


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