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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

School and the days gone by..

The very mention of school brings back memories that refuse to just fade away. A few days back I got this mail from my school, asking for some written contribution for their memorial magazine. The mail brought with it such vivid memories, so many for that matter, that they were kind of jostling around my head; bobbing up here and there so that I could give each one patient thougt. Every once in a while incidents like these make you enter those long forgotten rooms with treasures unaudited. You sit there for a while, clean up those cobwebs, dust away the layers of accumulated years and finally with a heavy heart lock up and leave.
Here's my article that I'll be sending:
To respond or not, I have been facing this dilemma since I got this e-mail from my school. I have read and re-read the e-mail umpteen time, tried to shy away, but I cannot help myself but write this article. The very mention of XYZ School evokes a myriad tapestry of memories, right from my pre-nursery to the 12th standard. I cannot but stop myself from expressing my thanks to my Alma Mater, be it a token contribution in the written form. My school has been the foundation of my character and my individuality. The unique relationship we shared with our teachers and Principal is exemplary and believe me; I haven’t come across any other school that parallels it. For instance which school student would have the honor of having a Nursery class teacher (Mrs. ABC) remembering you even after you pass out of school? There are so many incidents worth mentioning that I just cannot pick up one to write about. I even cherish the very last memory I have of the final day at school. It was of our farewell party, indeed a nostalgic moment. On one hand we were flying out into the real world armed with the values instilled in us, on the other hand we were a little apprehensive to leaving the cocoon of comfort and camaraderie. I still remember Fr Principal taking us all for a long drive in his Omni, the last ride we all as a group together late at night, midnight to be more precise, after the farewell party. A subtle gesture I guess from Father that we were young strapping adults, no more bound by the rules of the school anymore. Indeed the farewell moistened the eyes of many a classmates of the fairer gender, and a few guys whose name I leave out for reasons of anonymity!My school has shaped me as an individual and instilled such values as honesty, loyalty and humility. These values have helped me time and again in my professional career. I take on the world with the confidence that was nurtured in my school. The friends I have made are still in touch to this day and yes, we do meet regularly! I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and Fathers for the wonderful years they gave us.
Thank you XYZ School!

Science Batch of ‘96
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