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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Heehaaw...Great Balls On Fire !

~Rated PG-18~
With due credit to Maverick and Goose's punch line from the movie Top-Gun (Great Balls Of Fire), I'd like to aver that the condition of my balls is not so swell.
There are two reasons that are leading to the de(re)generation of the same. Don't get what de(re)generation means? Read on buddy ...

1. First the real real bad news. Read this article in TOI. Front page news. Some goddamned research has shown that keeping the cell phone in the front pocket of the trouser reduces the sperm count by 30%. That's Hee-haw news. I have been keeping my cell right there for the past 2 years. So the bloody thing would have zapped off millions of mini-me's without me knowing it. My precious (as I have stated in previous blogs) cell phone has been "killing me softly with his song, frying my balls for so long". Had I been in US I would have sued the bastards and got a ball replacement surgery done. Oh hell, can't do that, the thought itself is ... YUCK. Neeway, I have repositioned the killer gadget to my front shirt pocket. I will happily die of an heart attack, but I will not die infertile/impotent dammit.

2. Tada~ the good news. Lots of work has finally landed in my hands, something for which I was fervently praying. Now that I am fully engrossed in the same, I am happily working my balls off! It diverts my mind from the trauma I elaborated upon earlier like a tranquilizer. If I continue with this frantic pace then my nuts are gonna fry! This metaphysical physiotherapeutic exercise might reverse the damage done to my balls. I don't mind that really, with the heat on, probably I'll end up with balls of steel. Posted by Picasa


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