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Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Bloopers

This happened a few weeks back ..

My sick manager had called in everyone in the team to raise collective stink on a Saturday. Big B's (Big Boss) orders cannot be countermanded he says. It was my weekend you bloody pervert.

So I was there doing nothing. As if coming to office and (not) working on Saturday was not awful enough, I complimented it with a blooper.

My friend and colleague PR was in Hyderabad that day for an interview.
Lucky dog.

So my manager was trying to reach him, because he believes that when we need to raise a stink, everyone should be there. Team spirit you know. PR would not pick up calls from my managers cell phone or the normal office line.
Intelligent move.

But my slithersucker manager uses my cell phone to reach him.
I cross my fingers,.
PR answers thinking its me.

He is cornered, tells the SlimySonOfaUKnowWhat, that's he outta station for a friends marriage.Manager informs PR that he is on the verge of losing 25% of the bonus based on his recommendation.
PR calls me back later, calls me Judas, Brutus whatever.
Hey, PR why didn't you tell me you r going the hyd? I could have easily fooled that schlemiel.

So I was sitting in the office with no work and a guilty conscience.

Lesson learnt: As if I need to remind myself ! :(


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